Monday, January 11, 2010

How much milk did we drink?

I woke up this morning to a row of emptied milk cartons, all lined up waiting to start their new life in the recycling bin. I counted four cartons and then frantically checked the fridge. Whew! Two more gallons left waiting to be glugged down. Good Lord that’s a lot of milk and it’s only been five days! Well five days of being snowed in- it’s been a cold and snowy winter here and as much as I would love to impart you with fabulous creative activities to do with your children on a snowy day , the most interesting thing I did was watch my kids eat and eat and drink milk.
 I started to log in my head how much food we were wolfing through. Since we’ve been basically snowed in, I have been “cooking” (peanut butter and jelly sandwich is to cooking) all the meals .Here is a rundown of what my family of 5 ate in just one week:

8 chicken breasts
2 boxes of waffles
3 lbs of beef
Entire jar of peanut butter
 2 dozen cookies
 9 bananas
1 box of oatmeal
2 loaves of bread- plus the 2 I baked
 3 boxes of granola bars
 0 bottles of wine (what a nightmare!)
 One bag of chicken nuggets
 18 Diet Dr. Peppers
 1 ham
 And drum roll please… 4 ½ gallons of milk.

The milk consumption started me thinking- why not buy the cow and get the milk for free? At $2 .49 a gallon- that’s $ 9.96 a week, adding up to $517 a year- just for milk. I actually Googled- “how much is a dairy cow” and in .31 seconds I learned that I can buy my very own milk cow for about 500 bucks. That is a 17 dollar savings! Save money and piss off the neighbors, where do I sign the cow adoption papers?I could hook the cow’s utters up to a hose that connects right to our fridge’s water dispenser, my kids could just stick their faces under there and drink milk straight from the spout. Not to mention all of the money I'll save on butter and cream. In the end, I get a new pair of leather boots out of the deal. Just kidding I wouldn’t do that – maybe just a little purse.

This may seem extreme to you or maybe it sounds all too familiar - would love to know!!


  1. Wait, did you just say you've been trapped in a house with your 3 kids for five days and NO WINE!? Forget the cow. You need a wine cellar. ;) Jess

  2. Just got back from the homeowners' meeting. Pretty sure you won't get away with that. It's not like you're livin' in the hood anymore!

  3. According to Meet the Parents, you can milk a cat. Cats are cleaner, easier to handle and much smaller for your backyard!

    B. Raimo...AKA BRR!!!