Sunday, January 17, 2010


I have to admit that when I first heard about the earthquake in Haiti I thought to myself, “I hope we help all those people out.” When I said we, I meant our government, not really so much me.

For whatever reason ( maybe it was my kids fighting over the princess bed at 3 am) I woke up this morning really irritated and decided it was because I hate the paint colors in my house and needed to paint the whole downstairs. I worked myself up into a minor depression just trying to figure out which color, what hue and what trim color would match the floral curtains- that I hate- that have been here since we moved in- and the faded green couch that also doubles as the dog’s bed. Totally overwhelming when you are already mid break down. So like lots of other things I start, I threw the paint chips on the floor and picked another target. Maybe we just need new carpet and a new couch, that should do it.

Minutes later my husband comes down the stairs with 2 of our 3 kids and they are all dressed for church. Really? We are going to church today? Can’t you see I’m busy with my Pottery Barn catalog? I just don’t even want to deal with what church entails nor do I have the energy to even dress myself.

An hour later I am sitting in church and my pastor says this – pretty much directly to me- “when you hear yourself saying – somebody should do something for those people- its God saying YOU are that SOMEBODY!” In other words- get over the preoccupation about all that is wrong with my perfectly good and standing up right house- and help out others - who don’t even have a house to paint.

In the past during Katrina and other tragedies I have given to the Red Cross, I was good with that but there were lots of reports that my money wasn’t really going toward the Katrina relief but just Red Cross in general. I’m not at all saying don’t give to the Red Cross- but it’s hard to know who to give to or if your money is really going to the actual cause. So if you are interested in giving to an organization other than the Red Cross, many of our local churches are giving to The Global Orphan Project an organization that is already in place in Haiti and already providing services. It was also pointed out that while rebuilding homes is crucial, giving aid to the thousands of children who have just been orphaned is also a great need. Here is a link to The Global Orphan Project ,if you want to check it out:

I think this is a good resource to donate to because it builds homes and gives aid to Haiti’s orphans but mostly because they are already there on the ground, in Haiti and 100% of my money can go directly, right now, to orphan care and relief.
Just what is on my mind today.


  1. Things that make you go hmmmmm....:-)

  2. I understand what you are saying but I struggle with the fact we have so many issues right here within the states. Homeless, jobless, abused, disease, tragedy… choosing who to and when to give takes a lot of thought and consideration. Choosing to give is not the issue for me, we give generously every year. I just want to know the money given goes to the cause advertized. I guess at the end of the day, I typically choose local when donating. Act locally, think globally.

    T. Walton

  3. i agree with your comments - i think we should help those in need living in our own community, but now and then we need to help those far away that are far worse off than those in our country and give globally

  4. I have cried most times I have sat and listened to any news coverage of the people in Haiti and wondered how such devastation can happen. Seeing pictures of children who are injured and possibly without parents is heart wrenching. I cringe at how lavishly my children live at times and wonder how a mother with 3 children in Haiti is surviving at this very moment. This has caused me to examine many things within myself and within my life and to take pause at what the poorest nation in the world has to teach me. Thanks for posting the Global Orphan Project info.